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Tuesday 10am - 2pm

Wednesday - Thursday 10am - 5pm

Friday 10am - 4pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Closed Mondays & Sunday


The majority of the ceramic art work at the Potter's Ensemble is "High-Fire," creating a more stable and durable work of art, (stoneware 2,350 F, cone 10 for you ceramic enthusiasts).


Raku is a firing process where ceramic artwork is fired from 1,800 F to 2,000 F. Then it is taken out of the kiln and exposed to the atmosphere and placed in a container of combustible materials to reduce the heat of the artwork which leaves any unglazed surface blackened by carbon. 

Sagger Fire (sagger: closed container)

Similar to Raku, Sagger fired clay uses combustible material to create carbon inprints on the surface of the ceramic work. In sagger firing each work is wrapped with a combustible material such as dryed seaweed, rope or copper wire. It is then fired to a low temperature (1,200 - 1,800 F) and left in the sagger inside the kiln until completely cooled.